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Conjunct Consulting is Southeast Asia’s first social change consultancy: engaging, mobilising and empowering pro bono talent to strengthen social good organisations in Singapore. We do this through pro bono consulting projects, strategic collaborations, and corporate skills-based volunteering programmes. Since our inception in August 2011, Conjunct Consulting has delivered 117 consulting projects with a total of 77 nonprofit partners serving various community needs and creating over $3.5 million worth of social impact.
At Conjunct Consulting, we equip our partners in the social sector with sustainable strategies and thought processes to ensure they are ready for future challenges. Conjunct also empowers the next generation of social change leaders with the business skills and knowledge needed for continual strategic change.
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What we do

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Pro Bono Consulting Projects

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Our projects span over a 10 – 12 week period, during which a team of five student consultants together with working professionals, volunteer their time and expertise to help a nonprofit partner to solve a problem. The project engagement ends with a report and a presentation outlining recommendations, potential risks and challenges, sustainable long-term solutions, and implementation strategies. We have two project cycles per year which coincide with the student semesters.

Our projects help nonprofits in the following areas:

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  • Financial Sustainability
  • Human Capital Development
  • Operations Management
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  • Impact Measurement
  • Strategic Planning
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Corporate Programmes

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Conjunct Consulting designs tailored skills-based volunteering programmes to help your company employees leverage their professional skills to increase nonprofits’ and social enterprises’ organisational capacity and knowledge, build your reputation and visibility in the Corporate Social Responsibility space, and provide team building and employee engagement opportunities.
During our corporate engagements, we act as a bridge between the nonprofit partner and the corporate partner, conducting a needs analysis, scoping discrete projects that match the skill sets on offer, ensuring project deliverables, and assisting with project facilitation and execution. You can work with us through a Corporate Scalathon, and Community Impact Project, or a different kind of customised engagement tailored just for your company.

Promoting Pro Bono

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Conjunct Consulting is part of a movement to promote the spirit of Pro Bono around the world. Conjunct is a listed Global Pro Bono Fellow, and planned the 2016 Global Pro Bono Summit in Singapore. Additionally, we have participated in and contributed towards both the Asia Pro Bono Rally and the Global Pro Bono Summit for the last several years.
Partnering with Taproot Foundation and other similar organisations, we are working to both coordinate and participate in media and speaking engagements, workshops, conferences, research endeavours and other strategic collaborations to educate and enhance skilled volunteerism globally, aiding the social sector by helping to provide the talent it needs.
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Why We Do It

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We envision a world where social good organisations and pro bono talent effectively partner to better serve our community.
Our mission is to engage, mobilise, and empower pro bono talent to strengthen social good organisations.

Our core values

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We are fully committed to making a difference in our world today – just as you are.


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We are committed to continual excellence in our work because our results enable you to achieve your mission and change our communities for the better.


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Our diverse and interdisciplinary teams partner up with your organisation at all levels to determine the best strategy for your future.
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The Hearts Behind Conjunct

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Board of Directors

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Kwok Jia Chuan

Kwok Jia Chuan, Chairman

As the chairman and co-founder of Conjunct Consulting, Jia Chuan leads the Board of Directors to oversee Conjunct’s strategy and growth. He was listed as one of Prestige Singapore’s “40 under 40” young leaders in 2014 and was previously president of the AIESEC chapter in the London School of Economics, the world’s largest leadership and exchange organisation. Alongside advocating for social innovation through Conjunct, Jia Chuan is also an avid traveler, having hitchhiked from London to Amsterdam for charity, and enjoys thinking of discussing new innovations and listening to jazz.

Tamara Singh, Director

Tamara has acted as a Business Manager for various banks, managing the operations and trading floors in London, Hong Kong and Singapore. Her interest in education and development has spanned a decade, where she has served as a University admissions advocate and a Primary school governor in the United Kingdom, consulted with Asian Charity Services in Hong Kong, and now dedicates her time to Conjunct Consulting and the Cairnhill Womens Executive in Singapore.

Calvin Chu Yee Ming, Director

Calvin is managing partner of Eden Strategy Institute, which helps multinational organisations develop a sustainable advantage in the areas of public service transformation, healthcare, education, shared value business models, and innovations for the emerging middle class. As a strategy lecturer with the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and an advisor at NUS Enterprise and IE Singapore, Calvin is passionate about the interplay of business performance and societal impact.

Prasanna Patil, Director

Prasanna is an Insurance and Financial Services industry professional with over 14 years’ spanning Asia-Pacific, EMEA and Americas regions, including several emerging markets. His extensive experience includes cross-border M&A, execution of market entry and start-up initiatives, and partnership distribution including Bancassurance. Prasanna also has 7 years’ experience in corporate financy, strategy, regulatory consulting, and business advisory. Prasanna founded a successful entrepreneurial venture in India, and studied and worked in the US for 9 years, all before moving to Singapore with his family in 2006.

mike stamp, Director

Mike Stamp graduated in July 2014 with distinction from the INSEAD MBA program in Singapore, and is currently working with the Boston Consulting Group. Before INSEAD, he was a senior consultant with FSG, a social impact strategy consulting, evaluation and research firm founded by Mark Kramer and Prof. Michael Porter of Harvard Business School. Over seven years, he worked with more than 30 corporate, government and non-profit clients across four continents addressing varied issues such as how to develop new combination therapies for malaria and promoting a moderate vision of Islam. Mike has written extensively on issues of philanthropy and social impact, most recently as co-author of Innovating for Shared Value, in the July 2013 issue of the Harvard Business Review. He holds an MA in Mathematical Sciences from the University of Oxford.

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Samantha Lee – President

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Samantha has been involved with Conjunct Consulting since its inception in 2011 in various functions. In 2012, she was a Project Leader where she led a team of consultants to work with NPOs to create a strategy and implementation plan that would address their specific needs. In 2013, she helmed the Conjunct Consulting National University of Singapore (NUS) Chapter as Chapter Director. During her tenure, she led a team of student leaders to recruit, train and deploy over 70 volunteers. Samantha has social sector experience with various organisations, such as the consulting division of NetImpact at Yale, the DBS Bank Singapore’s Corporate Social Responsibility team, and another nonprofit to run Youth Business Singapore programme.
More recently, Samantha served as the Assistant Director at the Singapore Ministry of Trade & Industry, where she handled all matters relating to the World Trade Organisation (WTO). She was also posted to the Singapore Permanent Mission to the WTO in Geneva for a month to gather on-the-ground information and further Singapore’s interests at the international fora.
Samantha graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Political Science. Her other interests includes zip-lining across the Copper Canyon in Mexico and doing volunteer work in India, Vietnam and Honduras.

Pei Ying Chua – Vice-President (Finance & Impact)

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Pei Ying coordinates finance and impact assessment efforts across Conjunct Consulting. She draws upon her professional experience as a Data Scientist at Grab to develop and streamline data collection systems, conduct in-depth impact analysis of Conjunct’s projects and determine the social value that is being created. On a personal level, she spends her free time scouring the globe for cheap whisky and the best truffle fries. She also takes great pride in never needing an alarm clock in the morning.

Justin Teh – Vice-President (Operations)

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Justin heads the Operations Crew where he drives organization performance of crews and project teams through stronger operations management and process design, policies, and strengthens internal practices through cross-functional knowledge management and research, enabling the effective deployment of Conjunct Consulting’s pro bono services. During the day, he is a management consultant at Hay Group with expertise in business transformation and leadership. Leisurely, he enjoys a good glass of wine, good company and a good conversation about absolutely anything.

Adrian Chew – Vice-President (Corporates & Institutions)

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Adrian is curious about social innovation, and have been with Conjunct when it first ventured into the nascent field of corporate skills-based volunteering, devising engagement programmes for corporate employees to contribute their expertise for a social cause. During the day, he drives the incubation programme at UNFRAMED, building social impact startups that brings innovative tech-enabled solutions to social challenges faced by the vulnerable community in Singapore.
Outside of work, he enjoys a good cup of coffee with good company, and crossing off his reading list whenever he finds the time.
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Lim Zhen Ting

Zhen Ting leads the Singapore Management University chapter of Conjunct. Prior to stepping up, Zhen Ting volunteered as an associate consultant, then a project leader. Her experience with pro bono consulting work was complemented by on-the-ground volunteering outside of Conjunct. She previously served as a grassroots leader as the Community Service secretary in Youth Executive Committee, and also served the underprivileged in Cambodia, India, and Philippines. She aspires to create sustainable social change through the application of consulting skills. Her work experience includes stints at Accenture and McKinsey & Company.

In her free time, Zhen Ting enjoys graphic designing and crafting.

Alexandra Low

Alexandra currently serves as Chapter Director in Nanyang Technological University (NTU), focused on building the Conjunct community within NTU. She has done volunteer work with the physically disabled and low-income families, and served as chief public relations officer for a charity event organised by her Hall of Residence. Alexandra’s previous internships in banking and accounting have given her the experience of working in large corporations, and she aspires to learn how to effectively empower change and social movement.

In her free time, she enjoys reading and travelling.

Louis Liow

Louis currently heads the National University of Singapore (NUS) Chapter of Conjunct Consulting. Drawing from his previous work experiences, he seeks to solve issues, create value and maximise impact of non-profits operating in the social sector as well as enable future change-makers in their growth. Louis’ past work experiences include internship stints with McKinsey & Company, A.T. Kearney, PWC and SAP in consulting or strategy related roles.

With a personal start-up, he has also engaged at-risk youths and the special needs community through sports related services by partnering with other not-for-profit entities to provide enrichment and value-added services to our target demographics.

In his free time, Louis enjoys sailing and a good book, believing in lifelong learning.

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