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The volunteers at Conjunct are truly the spirit and the lifeblood of the organisation. In the last five years, we have worked with close to 1000 volunteers, both student and professional, to strengthen the social good organisations in Singapore. It is heartening for us to see the effort people make to give back to the society and we feel blessed to be a driving force for volunteers to be associated with. 

Today also happens to be the start of the Giving week, where we see a lot of people coming forth to spend sometime in the social sector and wanting to make some social impact. Starting today, every month, we will be featuring one volunteer of Conjunct. It is an opportunity to get to know our folks a little more and also for all of us to appreciate the quality of the volunteer community that we are all a part of.

Our very first featured volunteer is Liew Ee Chan!

dsc_0639Work with Conjunct:

Ee Chan joined Conjunct Consulting as a student consultant in 2012 as a part of the NUS Chapter. He has hence been with us in 4 out of our 5 year journey. After graduation, he has continued to be a professional volunteer. He has since held various leadership positions with conjunct as Deputy Vice-President, Training (2012-2013) and Deputy Vice-President Student Chapters (2013-2014), and is now the Vice-President for Development & Training.

Ee Chan has played a huge role in establishing the Conjunct Academy earlier this year. He also volunteers as the Vice-President for Conjunct Academy. From helping build the training curriculum to training the mentors, from recruitment to the final delivery of the programs, he takes great responsibility of the delivery of Conjunct Services. Known for being a methodical person who carries with him great business sense, his support over the last four years has been invaluable to us.

A little bit about Ee Chan:

eechanThe ability to translate our professional skills to help others is the one thing that Ee Chan absolutely loves about the work he does with Conjunct. His full time work outside of Conjunct is as the Senior Financial Analyst at Procter & Gamble, Singapore.
Ee Chan is known by many of his peers to be an engineer who is not at all interested in engineering! :)) He is in fact the go to person for many who are looking for financial advice. It is no surprise that his interests lie in knowing, learning and applying business strategy & modelling. He says, ” Look for me if you want someone to discuss business strategy/modeling of any industry (tech/non-tech), profit/non-profits with”

His message for Fellow Volunteers:

He strongly believes that Conjunct is the place  to learn & develop new skills, make like minded friends while helping the community!

We celebrate Ee Chan and many more volunteers like him, without whom none of the work at Conjunct would be possible. If you would like to connect with him, here is his LinkedIn profile:

If you would like to nominate a volunteer to be featured here, please write into As always, do drop us a line with your thoughts.

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