Skills-Based Volunteering

Make a difference by using your skills to help us strengthen social good organisations in Singapore and the region

the conjunct community

Working professionals and students come to us with the Heart to strengthen social good organisations with their expertise.

Through Conjunct, working professionals can be project advisors in our Conjunct Uni teams or consultants in our Conjunct Pro teams. Professionals can also join us in an internal role. 

University students may volunteer through one of the three university chapters, Singapore Management University (SMU), National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Working Professionals

Join us a project advisor and help improve the social sector


Become equipped to join a community of social change leaders

Internal Roles

Career break? Skills to share? Want to immerse yourself in the Social Sector?

What Our Volunteers Say

George Yeoh

"My journey is Conjunct Consulting has been one of the main highlights of my university life. I joined Conjunct as a year 2 student and have been given the opportunity to work with multiple client. Through these invaluable experiences, I gained many insights about the social sector and found myself desiring to be more involved in this space. Also, I am thankful that I can utilize the skill sets I have gained in university and through my internships to give back to this community. Lastly, Conjunct Consulting is the place where I made many lasting friendships with like-minded and passionate individuals."

Assistant Director of Training
Juan Manuel Benitez

"Always wanted to give back to society a little of what I have received and found in Conjunct Consulting the way to do this. Is impressive the level of professionalism and dedication from everyone in the company and it's energising working with students that just like me once want to eat and conquer the world! If you want to contribute for a better world, this is the path!"

Project Advisor
Shawn Van

"Conjunct Consulting has definitely been one of the highlights of my university's life. I was able to use my skills to solve complex problems to help social good organisations in Singapore to further their causes. Also, I got to make friends with some of the most amazing, inspiring and passionate individuals I have met."

Chapter Director, NTU
Xiang Ling Baey

"Volunteering with Conjunct Consulting has been an incredibly meaningful and rewarding experience for me. In our projects, we get to serve social good organisations to solve complex problems and further their impact. Having the social good organisations affirm your team’s recommendations makes all the hard work worthwhile. The Conjunct community too is great. Professionals and students alike bring their skills and time to the table, and it has always been fun to bond with (and learn from) committed and talented individuals across various domains."

Project Leader / Chapter Director / Deputy Vice President (Projects) / Project Advisor
Valerie Phua

"As a Social Work student, Conjunct Consulting provided me the opportunity to complement my university education through gaining insight into social sector strategy, and how to creatively problem-solve. The invaluable exposure to board-level concerns I received will definitely inform my practice. Conjunct defined my university experience in many ways, I couldn’t have asked for a more brilliant and supportive community than I found here."

Project Leader, Assistant Director of Training, NUS
Danielle Sim

"Volunteering with Conjunct is a meaningful and fun journey. The Conjunct team of volunteers and staff are full of passionate and smart people wanting to create impact, and working with Conjunct's social good partners has deepened my appreciation for the important social work that takes place in Singapore. "

Project Scoper, Panelist, Internal Role
Michelle Siacor

"Having been involved in multiple volunteer work previously, working on projects with Conjunct Consulting has been truly a rewarding and unique experience. It’s given me fresh perspectives on the needs of the social sector; not just from beneficiaries’ point of view, but from the organisations’ point of view as well! Ofcourse, it’s great to collaborate with like-minded individuals who care passionately about the social space too."

Associate Consultant, Assistant Director of Operations, SMU
Weisheng Lim

"More so than simply being an avenue to hone one's consulting toolkit, the two dimensions of Conjunct Consulting that resonate most strongly with me are firstly the opportunity to be part of something bigger through creating value for all the stakeholders within the third sector, and secondly the tight-knit Conjunct family that welcomes everyone. Through my time here, I have been blessed to have had the privilege to work with the bright minds and big hearts that the professionals and my peers here are, and to watch our all efforts culminate in the empowerment of many communities beyond!"

Associate Consultant, SMU
Brendan Ong

"My passion for social sector grew stronger after joining Conjunct Consulting! I gained a new perspective on how to tackle social issues and assist the social good organisations in Singapore! "

Assistant Director of External Affairs
Sammie Lim

"Eye-opening, challenging, meaningful - 3 key words to best describe my last 3 years with Conjunct. I have had the privilege to work with amazing volunteers from partners to Project Advisors to fellow consultants, who exposed me to new perspectives and showed me what dedication looks like and what passion stands for. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to do my part to drive change in the sector with Conjunct Consulting, to help our partners do what they do even better!"

Chapter Director, SMU
Brian Liu

"Taking the time out to collaborate with the student-consultants on real client problems in the meaningful non-profit space adds so much value and purpose to all that are involved. Seeing the students put in the time and effort to truly help is always inspiring for me and frankly, I can tell that the client orgnanizations are themselves grateful, inspired and pleasantly surprised with the quality and professional output. Working the the conjunct team is part of a virtuous cycle of doing good that I would recommend to anyone looking to pour their life experiences into solving problems and community building. "

Project Advisor, Panelist
Ho Wen Siang

"Conjunct Consulting has provided me with an unparalleled experience as an undergraduate. I’ve had to privilege to work alongside talented and diligent individuals who are not blind to the needs of our society, but wholeheartedly commit their time and effort into serving the community in a different way. At the same time, the training, mentoring and support from the community has contributed substantially to my professional development."

Associate Consultant, SMU
Tan Hean Shuen

"I have two main takeaways from Conjunct: (1) The people and (2) Client and project management skills. Firstly, Conjunct allowed me to meet many like-minded people who have very interesting backgrounds and are incredibly talented in whatever they do. I am proud to be a part of such a community and to continue to see it grow and be a key part of many students' undergrad experience. Secondly, through managing a project and subsequently overseeing multiple projects, I definitely picked up many valuable experiences relating to client/partner and project management."

Assistant Director of Projects / Project Leader, NUS
Peter Wood

"My time as a volunteer with Conjunct has allowed me to leverage my consulting experience to help two stakeholder groups: partner organisations and student consultants. Not-for-profits are often most in need of consulting support but least able to afford it. Students get a real insight into what consulting involves - both the highs and the lows!"

Project Director, Internal Role
Debbie Kuek

"Conjunct Consulting has given me the opportunity to work with likeminded individuals to do good in the social sector. I was able to develop and hone my consulting skill-sets in a supportive environment, while creating impact for our partners. It has been an enriching and memorable journey in my university life!"

Associate Consultant, SMU
Eunice Chua

"I found myself developing holistically during my time in Conjunct. I viewed problems differently after going through training and grew my understanding of the social scene after 2 project cycles. And a bonus - I met some of the coolest and most passionate people ever along the way."

Project Leader, SMU
Ng Yong Sheng

"Conjunct Consulting has brought together a perfect marriage of consulting and social sector work, and has enabled me to gain valuable experiences in both arenas. I believe the friendships I have forged through meeting like-minded individuals in both my teams and beyond would be indelible."

Project Leader, NTU
Gary Chua

"The last three years have been a very rewarding experience, working with enthusiastic students from various universities to develop solutions that benefit the charities Conjunct works with. It has given me a new perspective on how my work experiences can contribute back to society. "

Project Advisor

"Conjunct Consulting has broadened my horizons to what lies beyond engineering and sparked my interest in the social sector. Conjunct has provided insights into how NGOs function and the needs of the social sector landscape in Singapore. it has been a fulfilling experience and working together with like minded talents from different disciplines has been a fantastic experience."

Associate Director of External Affairs
Naimi Nasser

"Conjunct Consulting has empowered me to utilise the business knowledge I have learnt in school to help the community by providing social service agencies with recommendations on how to maximise their positive impact. Through the project experiences, I also learnt how to purposefully conduct research, make analytical links to the problems faced by the agencies, and effectively communicate our concluded insights. I am deeply honoured to have been given the opportunity to be a part of the Conjunct community."

Associate Consultant
Dexter Tiah

"I have volunteered with Conjunct in the capacity of student during my undergraduate days as well as being a volunteer while working in financial services. I've always found Conjunct projects to be really meaningful, as the project teams are extremely dedicated engaged with real world organizations and assist them with finding solutions to pressing problems that they face. The organization also endeavours to deliver quality work to clients, using several rounds of internal and external panelists to sharpen the consultants' research. Truly a stellar organization with a focus on impact!"

Former Project Leader and Associate Consultant
Chan Zheng Wei

"Conjunct opened up my perspectives on the social sector and introduced me to the process of structured problem solving. I am glad to have made an impact on the society in a positive manner. The relationships I made during this journey is no doubt something that I will cherish dearly."

Assistant Director of Training
Manjunath Shastry

"Volunteering with Conjunct and mentoring a bunch of young committed students who are passionate about analysing challenges around non-profits and providing positive impactful solutions to them, was a great valuable and fulfilling experience. Thanks to Conjuct team for the kind support and providing me this opportunity to contribute to public good! I have met some great friends along the way. I feel privileged and intend to continue this journey."

Project Advisor
Vanessa Gene

"Joining Conjunct was a decision that I do not regret. Not only was I able to gain insight into the social sector as well as pick up consulting skills, I was able to meet a group of individuals from different walks of life who make Conjunct feel like a family. Although there would certainly be tribulations faced during the project, my project members and CLs make the projects easier and fun!"

Project Leader, NTU
Stephanie See

"Conjunct Consulting has been extremely rewarding experience, as it gave me a platform to do my part and drive social change. It has taught me critical thinking skills that are important in every situation, in and outside of school. Moreover, PL-ship taught me how to client-face and the ability to manage a team’s morale. I’m thankful to be able to give back to society meaningfully through Conjunct!"

Project Leader, SMU
Nicky Lim

"Conjunct has allowed me to contribute meaningfully to the society, through applying the problem-solving methodology to determine priority issues and working towards recommendations to solve higher-order problems in social-good organisations. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from my peers, all of whom are enthusiastic to make social impact - their passion has been invigorating! From my time in Conjunct, I believe the more I learn, the better I'd be able to contribute to helping organisations like them be more effective in championing their cause."

Associate Consultant, SMU
Dominic Vincent

"Conjunct has been a great opportunity to support bright and committed students and help them better answer the tough questions they are trying to answer for NPOs in order to make an impact. I always look to my next interaction with them as I always learn something and together we are able to increase the impact Conjunct delivers to the Singapore community."

Project Advisor, Panelist
Vivian Chong

"I joined Conjunct because of my passion to serve the social sector, especially through skills based volunteering! It has been an eye opening experience for me, picking up problem solving skills and using them to serve our partners. I found it really meaningful learning more about the social sector, and how social good organisations are so dedicated to making lives better for their beneficiaries. Looking forward to upcoming Conjunct events and future projects!"

Associate Consultant, SMU
Damon Lim

"I have been volunteering with another organisation previously but always wanted to do more by leveraging my skills and experiences. Conjunct gave me the platform to do so by working closely with the student consultants to create meaningful solutions for the non profit organisations and deliver impact to the society. Being able to see the solutions come to life over the 4 years is also another source of pride."

Project Advisor
Gabriel Ang

"My journey with Conjunct Consulting has been extremely fulfilling. Across both my projects as an AC and as a PL, I felt I could use my skills to create impact in the social sector. I also had the privilege of working with brilliant mentors and Chapter Leaders who were extremely supportive in my development and enabled me to deliver actionable strategies to my clients, helping them create greater impact for their beneficiaries."

Project Leader
Sheryle Ann Lim

"Conjunct Consulting has been one of the greatest takeaways of my university life! Conjunct’s unique training pedagogy provided me the opportunity to leverage on the core skills and talents attained to help non-profits tackle key challenges, build their capabilities and achieve their goals. Furthermore, it gave me a platform to meet like-minded teammates passionate about enacting sustainable change to the social sector. I will always be thankful for the opportunity to be part of this community and proud of the impact we have created together! "

Assistant director of External Affairs, SMU
Ronak Marolia

"Volunteering with Conjunct has been a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. It is a great platform for individuals to apply our skills for social good and also mentoring students to hone their skillsets. The teams and students are doing an exemplary job of servicing the social organisations professionally, helping them with practical and sustainable solutions."

Project Advisor, Panelist
Han Rui Lim

"Conjunct has been a meaningful part of my life as I moved from volunteering as a student to as a professional. Our work with non profits has helped volunteers appreciate and remain grounded to the social challenges in Singapore. Conjunct has also given me the opportunity to use my professional skills to help social good organizations scale and achieve their purpose."

Panelist, Former Project Advisor and Project Leader
Rachel Kong

"Not only has Conjunct given me an incredible platform to give back to society, it has also contributed to my personal and professional development. With the guidance from my team and the project advisors, my consultancy skills - research methodology, storyboarding, communication - have improved greatly. On top of that all, it was been a super enjoyable experience working with such fun and supportive people, who are all extremely dedicated to making change in their own small way!"

Associate Consultant, SMU
Clarita Chua

"Conjunct Consulting provided a conducive platform where I was able to learn and apply my consulting knowledge to the social sector. It was a very fulfilling experience to tackle key challenges while meeting passionate and supportive team members."

Deputy Project Leader, NTU
Brian San

"Volunteering with Conjunct has been great fun and very fulfilling. I have been amazed at the commitment and energy of the students, and the quality of work they produce is exceptional. It is a privilege to be able to work with the social sector in this way, and drive meaningful impact with the social enterprise and non-profit clients we work with. I can't think of a better volunteering opportunity. "

Scoper / Project Director, Internal Role
Seah Yi Shan

"Conjunct has been an enriching experience that will always have a special place in my heart – journeying with partners who are deeply passionate about various social causes, teammates who not only challenge me to become better, but who also care for and nurture me in ways I will always be grateful for!"

Project Leader, SMU
Neel Modha

"Conjunct gave me the opportunity to serve beyond the capacity of more traditional CIP that we are familiar with. To tackle the unseen challenges in the social sector, which can only be realised when working with real clients who have real issues."

Associate Consultant, SMU
Yu Jin Thong

"Volunteering with Conjunct has been an amazing experience for me. I’ve always wanted to give back by volunteering and Conjunct has allowed me to apply my skills in a meaningful way. It’s also provided me with opportunities to mentor students who are passionate about making a positive impact on the clients."

Project Advisor, Panelist

Working Professionals

Project Advisors

Project Advisors provide guidance, support project quality and are an invaluable source of knowledge and mentorship. 

More about the role:

  • Guide and mentor a team of tertiary students and help them provide our SGO partners with impactful advice.
  • Bring insights on effective project management to the teams
  • Manage partner expectations while aiding the project's flow of information
  • Commitment is about 5-7 hours a week (including team meetings over a 14-week cycle
  • Applications for PAs are accepted in May-Jun and Oct-Nov for our two project cycles

As a PA you are positioned to:

  • Change the social sector one organisation at a time
  • Grow the next generation of social change leaders through guidance and mentorship
  • Meet like-minded professionals with the same passion for impacting lives

University Students

Volunteer with a University Chapter

Student teams from the three major universities in Singapore – NTU, SMU, and NUS undergo consulting training. 

Students are trained for one semester and may be selected to work on consulting projects for up to two semesters. Each team consists of five students and two advisors.
student consulting volunteers

Why Join Conjunct?

  • Make a difference to the social sector
  • Make friends and join a community of like-minded individuals
  • Experience a planned development path through training and education
  • Gain an avenue to tap on the knowledge of professionals and acquire broadly applicable problem solving skills
  • Gain insights on the backroom operations essential for real-world work

Ways to Join:

Project Leader
  • Lead the inter-disciplinary teams
  • Manage the project plan
  • Play an integral part in the partner-team relationship
Associate Consultant
  • Conducts and analyses both market and internal research
  • Presents findings to partners
  • Serves as a mentor for new associates
Opportunities for Students

Consultant Training

No matter your background, field of study or level of expertise, it is possible to join Conjunct as a student consultant, as we offer training for all entering students throughout the application period. 

The training curriculum has been designed by consultants and is paired with talks from social sector leaders.  

Case camps are held in the middle and towards the end of the semester to stimulate consulting situations and facilitate application of consulting knowledge. 

Students receive training in the following areas:



Social Sector Landscape

Solution Formulation

Case Analysis & Frameworks


Problem Solving Tools


Skilled Professionals

internal roles

Skills-Based Volunteering (SBV) can be extremely rewarding and meaningful.  At Conjunct, we regularly have openings in a variety of functions.  These can be on a project basis, event basis or ongoing.  
If you have time to spare, skills to impart, driven to create social change, our team may be exactly what you’ve been looking for!

Why Join Conjunct?

  • You will be part of a team of professionals working to mould the future of Conjunct
  • Working within one or more teams to engage and develop our stakeholders and volunteers
  • Lead a specific project that helps us become a more impactful organisation
  • Commitment varies according to teams and projects, with consideration of your capacity

In an Internal Role you will be positioned to:

  • Find an outlet for your passions
  • Use your expertise to shape a specific project
  • Meet like-minded professionals with the same passion for impacting lives
  • Help shape the sector from the top

Want to find out more about our impact?

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