Celebrating Youth Day – 2nd July 2017


Youth Day is a national holiday dedicated to the youth of the country. Although the International Youth Day is celebrated on 12th August, 18 countries across the world choose to celebrate it on different days. In Singapore, it is celebrated on the first Sunday of July, and this year it fell on 2nd July 2017. 


Youth and Conjunct:

The youth has always been a valued and integral part of our work at Conjunct. Our entire work depends on the involvement and engagement of the Singapore youth! Since inception, in 2011, we at Conjunct Consulting have been working with students from three university chapters – Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Management University, and National University Of Singapore. Our mission includes the creation of high-impact socially conscious leaders. To make this a reality, we work to mentor young students in helping to improve the social sector and impact lives. At the core of our work are our consulting projects where student teams are trained and paired with professional volunteers to work with our non-profit partners. Not only do these training and engagement in projects empower students to commit to social good, but they also provide opportunities for them to assess their own progress towards advancing their mission and goals in propagating social change.


However, this youth day, we would like to take this opportunity to recognise one of our partners, Halogen Foundation Singapore that is committed to inspiring and influencing as many youths as possible to make a difference in the society.

Recognising Halogen Foundation Singapore

halogen-logoHalogen Foundation Singapore is a values-based, non-profit organisation that aims to empower and influence socially responsible young people. Focusing on three key domains – Inspiration, Education, Action (IEA), their holistic approach effectively trains youth to be great leaders through stories, conceptual development and hands-on application of leadership practices.

As part of the youth leadership and entrepreneurship development, Halogen Foundation has designed an array of programmes to foster an environment conducive to the growth of young, budding leaders. One of their programmes includes ‘Habitudes’ – a workshop that teaches timeless leadership through images. With the firm belief that images have an innate power to create strong, lasting impact, Halogen Foundation seeks to utilise the opportunity to teach timeless leadership to youth.

national-youth-leader-awardHalogen Foundation also presents awards to young leaders to recognise their positive contributions to society. Regardless of their academic achievements, these awards reach out to young leaders to champion their leadership development. The National Young Leader Award (NYLA) is one that acknowledges youth who are ‘involved, engaged and have conviction in the things they do.’

We are proud of the work that Halogen does and also for the opportunity to have had them as our partners. To know more about Halogen Foundation and see how you can contribute, head to their website HERE.

Over the last five years, we, at Conjunct, have scoped and worked on three consulting projects with Halogen Foundation in the areas of strategic planning, human capital development and impact assessment. The staff and leadership of the Halogen Foundation have also been attendees and active participants in the Conjunct Partner Series events that we hosted last year. Last week, Deutsche Bank, in partnership with Conjunct, ran a problem-solving boot camp for the entire staff at Halogen Foundation.

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