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Global Pro Bono Summit

Pro Bono Week originates from an annual Global Pro Bono Summit that was started in 2013, by the Taproot Foundation. From this Summit, numerous organisations

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Why Volunteer? A volunteer’s journey

When asked the question “Why Volunteer?” everyone answers differently, but there are some common benefits in every person’s answer. We’ll consider those benefits, but first let’s address the first commonly quoted roadblock to volunteering: Time.

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Non Profits & Social Enterprises

World Mental Health Day – Celebrating Over the Rainbow

We envision a world where mental wellness is a top life priority, and where every young person is given the opportunity to realise their life potential via the journey of self-discovery, healing and transformation, to attain true happiness and optimal wellbeing.

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Why Skills-based volunteering?

In our blog post a couple of months ago, our President, Samantha, has succinctly and excellently explained how to make skills-based volunteering work. In this

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