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Partner Series Events

At Conjunct, we host an event every quarter for our non-profit partners and to the extended community, called the Partner Series Events. So far we have held 5 events on topics ranging from marketing, technology, funding, impact assessment and strategy. Over these events, we have had over 80 organisations participating with over 250 individual participants. We are thrilled with this initial success and even more satisfied with the capacity building that these events provide.

On the 4th of December, we held our sixth partner series event on Content Marketing. The 36 organisations in attendance for this workshop understood how to plan, create, distribute and measure their content. Prantik Mazumdar, the managing partner at Happy Marketer, facilitated the workshop and left all of us with wonderful learnings and material to help develop our content marketing.

Content marketing workshop for NonProfits

Conjunct’s, Deputy Vice-President, C&I, Natalie Kennedy kicked off the workshop by sharing the results from the Pre-Event Survey.  Here are some of her findings:

  • 86% of the surveyees are interested in content plan creation while only 28% are interested in tracking+measuring their content.
  • 29% analyse+measure their content monthly or quarterly, 12% measure every 6 months and the majority, at 59%, do not do so at all.
  • 75% do not actively focus on content marketing.
  • 56% believe they need to better develop their content marketing strategy.
Content marketing workshop

Prantik Mazumdar started off his presentation with a question: “Content _____?” He asked all of those in attendance to think about what word follows content for them. From the response, it was found that there is no correct answer, but there are important factors to creating content:

Evoke emotion – throughout the discussion on content, many attendees discuss the emotions evoked through various pieces of content and agreed this is an important factor for content marketing to connect with your audience.

Willing to Experiment – content created does not have to be the same every time, you must be willing to experiment with different platforms and formats to find the best way to convey your content to your audience.

Time – time is adjustable – not every piece needs to be under 5 minutes, it can be an hour-long, but the key to figuring how long content should be correlated with.

Knowing your audience – Prantik shared that it is okay to start from the end and think about who it is that you want this content to be seen by. It is important to know who your audience is and their means of accessing your content.

Content is conveyed in many forms, some that work better than others. For print to be used by 1 billion users globally it took 467 years, but for Social Media, it only took 4 years. Fortunately, the survey showed that content created by the attending organisations are primarily social media posts (93%).

While knowing where to post your content is important for content marketing, it is only one of the 3 Pillars of Content Marketing:

content marketing workshop
  1. Content Planning – from the pre-event survey it was seen that 86% want to learn how to plan their content. When planning content it is important to have the purpose in mind and each piece should have a clear objective. It is also helpful for every organisation to create a content calendar to plan out the pieces of content, when they will be posted and where they will be posted.
  2. Content Production – it is not always necessary to create new content, occasionally it could be useful to recycle old content. It is also important to know where and when it is appropriate to post your content.
  3. Content Distribution – Searching for content can be both active and passive. For active searching (using search engines) it is vital for your organisation to show up on the first page of that search. For passive searching (social media pages) it is important to ensure that your content is authentic and relevant to the audience
content marketing workshop for Non Profits

100% agree that Prantik’s talk on Content Marketing provided content that will be useful for their organisation.

Conjunct would like to thank all who attended this workshop! We greatly enjoyed having you and hearing your contribution to the conversations throughout the event. We know that most attendees left this workshop finding it to be helpful for their organisation. We hope you gained new ideas and strategies that will benefit your own content marketing initiatives. We also thank Prantik Mazumdar for providing us with many methods to go about developing our content marketing!

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