Volunteer of the Month – Eugene Chang


Volunteers are the heart and life of Conjunct. In the last 5 years, we have worked with close to 1000 volunteers, both students and professionals, to help social good organisations in Singapore. It is wonderful for us to see people’s effort to give back to society, and we feel grateful to be a force that encourages volunteers to be involved.

Eugene is a professional volunteer at Conjunct Consulting who delivers top team facilitation with leaders of social good organisations. Eugene feels that Conjunct puts him in a position to contribute effectively in the best way he knows how and enjoys knowing that Conjunct volunteers are all on the same mission just playing different roles.

What is your day job and work area? eugene chan

Like most, my work, unfortunately, doesn’t quite end neatly with the day. Let’s say I make coin at Korn Ferry International, a global Leadership and Talent consulting firm. Essentially my role is really about creating strategy, organisation and people alignment to drive superior performance.

How did you hear about Conjunct and what prompted you to start volunteering with us?

I mentored a younger colleague, who shared his experience volunteering with Conjunct Consulting. “Strategy with a heart?” I was intrigued. When I connected with some great people there, I knew this was the place I wanted to do great things with.

Tell us a bit more about your volunteering journey – Do you volunteer elsewhere? Some details?

eugene chanI volunteered on Medical Missions trips for families, in the dumpsite located at the edge of Prek Tual city near Phnom Penh, where I moved medical supplies, performed crowd control or sanitised dentistry instruments. As I gained experience, I started planning and leading small teams of volunteers into the field where I could witness the impact first hand and had the opportunity to interact and build friendships with people from vastly different cultures and backgrounds.

When I entered consulting it became difficult for me to continue serving this way, but at Conjunct Consulting, I could continue to contribute meaningfully in the social space. My volunteering expanded and shifted from a time-based to a skill-based model. With skills volunteering, I spend less time but work through others who have dedication and energy beyond that of my own to create a much greater impact in the field.

How does volunteering impact you personally? eugene chan

Volunteering has made me a more understanding and compassionate person, a version of myself I could tolerate (my wife would hopefully agree). It has provided me with an avenue to be with like-minded people and to explore my passion for helping others all while renewing my faith in all that is good in humanity.

What has been your best/favourite experience while volunteering with Conjunct?

I got to speak about Strategy Execution at the Conjunct Partner Series Event, and members of the audience shared that they have benefitted from the engagement. I enjoy equipping leaders because their decisions on strategy, organisation structures, policies and procedures can all have a lasting and multiplying effect on their staff and beneficiaries.

Can you share one high point from your volunteering experience with Conjunct?

I facilitated a planning workshop for a large foundation in Singapore to align the Board and Management team around their strategy for the following year. The client unexpectedly invited our project team out for a nice luncheon and handed out appreciation certificates! The high point was the feeling of esprit de corps I had with Conjunct staff and fellow volunteers on the project.

Tell us a bit more about yourself – some interests, hobbies, things that matter to you. 

eugene chanAs I age, health and relationships have regained priority in my life. I am eating cleaner and picking up Muay Thai to get me moving and feeling good about myself. healthy eatingI have a personal project to seek out and refresh old friendships and to be more regular in keeping up with my nephews and nieces. I’ve learned it’s important to regularly pause the automatic scripts we run in our daily lives; the practice of Mindfulness is simply about focusing on what’s happening around you, choosing the things that matter and to be present in these moments.

Your message to other volunteers.

At every stage of life, you give differently. Everyone’s path will be unique. It will come naturally. Enjoy the process. Do not worry about what others are doing or whether it’s seen as good enough. Your contributions will benefit you and those around you in ways you will never fully comprehend. Remember that the measure of impact is different from the other side of eternity. Take leadership in small things, and greater things will surely follow.

Ps: If we do meet in the flesh, please come up to say ‘hi’. I’d very much love to hear about your experiences too!

Eugene believes that “if money makes the world go around, then we should switch to the currency of goodwill and pay it forward. All of us can be a force for positive change in this world, to turn it upside down and right side up. Volunteerism has the power as a global movement to do this.”

Thank you, Eugene, for your hard work and dedication. Conjunct Consulting is grateful to have you as a part of our team, and thank you for all that you do! If you would like to connect with Eugene, his LinkedIn profile is https://www.linkedin.com/in/eugenechang/.

If you would like to volunteer with Conjunct Consulting, check out our site: https://conjunctconsulting.org/volunteers/

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