And Here’s Another Amazing Intern, meet Ms Annie Wong.


In lieu of Giving Week 2018, we would like to thank our interns for their hard work this summer. They have helped us a lot with their positive attitudes, willingness to learn and do new things, patience, and compassion.

Meet Ms Annie Wang, the 2nd of two interns we are showcasing. Annie is a Senior from Yale-NUS College with an Anthropology major.  An avid volunteer, Annie spends most of her time volunteering off-campus for various youth and elderly initiatives. She is a musical, dancer and an absolute foodie!

Fun Fact: Annie does not go a day without bubble tea!


What are your feelings about your internship with Conjunct?  

It was my final summer internship, and I remember continually reminding myself that this needs to be an exceptionally well thought out decision. I was searching for a place where I could effectively apply my research skills for problem-solving. At the same time, I wanted to be in an environment where I could be sufficiently challenged and well-supported for personal and professional development. That was when Conjunct Consulting came up!

The journey started with a delightful chat with Christina over coffee, and I remember both of us being excited about our shared passion for creating social impact and change via small but significant steps. I was always involved in community work, and Anthropology equipped me further with the skills of keen listening and deeper understanding. I saw Conjunct as my next step of growth where I could learn and develop the skills of measuring impact via social consulting projects. An initial 3-months long internship journey turned out to be an almost 7-months long, meaningful marathon where I got the opportunity to work and learn with some of the best mentors ever!

 From managing social media outreach to being involved in publishing a research report, and finally to beginning and wrapping up a full Conjunct Pro impact measurement project, Conjunct provided me with a diverse set of responsibilities that kept my workdays dynamic, unpredictable sometimes, but exciting regardless. It was almost impossible to draw a close to my internship because of how endless these learning opportunities were. I had the most interesting conversations with passionate individuals who taught me so much more about the challenges behind their social ambitions. I had the most intellectually-stimulating meetings with Conjunct’s team, discussing the essential value of impact measurement as a way to guide further organisational improvement and thereafter strive for further societal betterment. I had the most fulfilling personal growth journey as I challenged myself to multi-task, produce deliverables efficiently without compromising on its quality, received tons of valuable feedback from Conjunct on how I could more effectively translate my research expertise in the consulting sector to ensure findings were relevant and accurate and got to address my rooms for improvement with their guidance. Each workday had a meaningful purpose, and I was increasingly convinced by as time passed.

Of course, it was not always about what happened in the office, but what happened outside too. I’m thankful to have been so warmly welcomed by Conjunct as part of the small but close-knitted family. Casual conversations over lunch and dinners as we got to know one another on a more personal level, as well as meals celebrating our collective little milestones during the last seven months together made it clear that I made the right choice. 

Always grateful for this learning experience (: Always a number #1 supporter!!  

Annie Wang

Yale-NUS College, Class of 2019 (Anthropology major)

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