Featured Volunteer of the Month – Hansen Lee

Hansen Lee

The volunteers at Conjunct are truly the spirit and the lifeblood of the organisation. In the last five years, we have worked with close to 1000 volunteers, both student and professional, to strengthen the social good organisations in Singapore. It is heartening for us to see the effort people make to give back to society, and we feel blessed to be a driving force for volunteers to be associated with.

Hansen Lee Teck Hui – Featured Volunteer of the month – March’17

hansen-leeHansen, our volunteer from the Corporates and Institutions (C&I) team, joined us last year in 2016. He started as a Facilitator and is already up for a leadership position as the Deputy Vice-President, Programmes (C&I). Known to be an extremely busy man, Hansen always has his fingers in many pies. His business mind and entrepreneurial spirit have been a huge value add to the Conjunct volunteer team, and he has excelled at every opportunity presented to him. An entrepreneur, a runner and a very social person with his heart in the right place, we already see Hansen as a star social sector leader shortly!

A short interview with him is captured here. Read on to know more about Hansen!

Outside of volunteering with Conjunct, what is the work you do?

student-volunteersI’m currently a senior in Singapore Management University studying in Information System. I have been running a start-up called TechSociety Group where we impart next-generation tech survival, new-age computing, and tech entrepreneurial skills to students 10-18 – with the simple goal of making technology and entrepreneurship fun, engaging, and accessible! After conducting several workshops with people with disability from SGenable, I realised that there is a gap I can fill. Thus, I’m venturing into a social enterprise called AbleSociety, where we use a proprietary based algorithm developed to help visually impaired to identify currencies and manage their finances.

Tell us a little bit about your journey with Conjunct:

volunteersI have heard many positive stories from friends who are in SMU Conjunct and decided to take up the opportunity as Scalathon facilitator with The Hub. Not only have I picked up facilitation and problem skills from the trainers and peers, but I have also built many friendships from all walks of life during my short stay at Conjunct. I still remember during my first scalathon with IBM and Graceheaven. We had several dry runs, skype calls and had to be at the venue at 7 am to prep (earlier than my morning class in SMU!). However, I felt that all the effort was worthwhile when you saw the impact you have made at the end of the scalathon. Currently, I’m working with the VP, C&I to create a 3T (Train the Trainer) programme where we equipped students to be trainers in social sector knowledge and facilitation skills.

What is the one thing you LOVE about Conjunct:

volunteersPeople. Like-minded people who are passionate and dedicated to contributing to the social sector in their own way. Also, everyone is open-minded and strive to do their best to benefit our corporate and non-profit partners.

A little bit about yourself: 

My passion lies in the field of technology, investment and building a sustainable business. Been in the start-up scene for the past 3 years while studying in SMU and always like to try out new strategies while running my startups. I love to run, and whenever I’m free, I run alongside people with disability from RunningHours. #runsootherscan

hansen-leeMessage to other fellow volunteers:

I understand that sometimes it’s hard to juggle between studies, work and volunteering. But let’s achieve our PhD this year! What I meant by PhD is not the academic paper but make PROGRESS, make HISTORY, and make a DIFFERENCE!

We thank you, Hansen, for your great work and support! We are sure we will continue to work with you for a long time to come. If you would like to connect with Hansen Lee, his LinkedIn profile is https://www.linkedin.com/in/hansenleeteckhui/.

Click here to learn more about volunteering at Conjunct.

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