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Southeast Asia’s first social change consultancy, Conjunct Consulting is engaging, mobilising and empowering talent to strengthen social good organisations in Singapore.

Conjunct does this through consulting projects with non-profits, building a community of skills-based volunteers, and various formats of corporate engagements. 

Conjunct has delivered  

233 consulting projects & engagements

with 127 nonprofit partners  serving various community needs.


Make a difference and use your talent to help us strengthen social good organisations in Singapore.


Partner with us to receive a low bono consulting project to help strengthen your organisation.


Support our work with non-profits to help strengthen social good organisations in Singapore and help create the next generation of social sector leaders.

Our Strategic Partners

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BMW Foundation Herbert QuandtNVPCNCSSHUB SingaporeSE AssociationtaprootPro Bono Lab

Some of our Nonprofit Partners

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